Over on Medium.com, our very own John Lynch has been covering the growing awareness there is in Ireland for the value, and potential impact of Service Design.

In the first part of a two-part series (so far!) John’s covered the huge opportunity there is for Service Design in our evolving economy, including not only improving customer experience, but also the bottom line for business and the public service.

As digital transformation becomes even more important in an era defined by COVID-19, Service Design has the potential to help make Ireland a better place to live and work.

Check out “It’s Ireland’s time for Service Design” on Medium to read more.

More recently, the second article highlights the immense talent opportunity there is, including the stories of some great Irish Service designers worldwide, and the educational opportunities that are now available.

You can find the second piece on Medium too, check out “Ireland’s got the Talent for a Service Revolution”.

Previous research John has conducted into the global design industry has featured at the Global Interaction Design Conference in both 2018 and 2019.

The most recent is “Tell me Honestly” from 2019, including insights from non-design professionals on the experience of collaborating with designers.

You can also find “Demystifying Design” (2018), a series of insights from a group of design leaders from around the world.