“Tools, methods and mindsets.”

If you’ve successfully built a skilled team, and you’re looking to grow capability when it comes to design, the key lies in using methods and mindsets together to foster creative confidence. This goes as much for designers as it does for engineers, business analysts, product managers, researchers, human resource, operations, and more.

We begin any coaching engagement with a rapidly conducted “Getting to Know You” research sprint by which we begin to understand your products or services, your teams, and your organisation.

Next, we embed a coach inside a functioning team, to work on a challenge and bring design tools, methods and most importantly – mindsets into the workplace.

This includes creating a reflex for research – when teams get “stuck” the trick is to find out more… usually from the customer. We promote a passion for prototyping – make the thing quickly, show it, get feedback, don’t waste time on expensive development until an idea has been rigorously tested and iterated. We help build a safe space for creativity – so the true value of everyone’s ideas, expertise and insight can be utilised.

Our coaching helps unlock your teams’ potential to create new things using new tools for the work that they do, but also by developing the creative confidence of the team itself.