It’s our firm belief that design is a practice, and as such, it must be learned experientially. It’s more than just tools, more than just methods, more than just workshops – it’s a working mindset, a deep understanding of process and a willingness to change the way of working for every new scenario.

As such, 3-5 day training experiences for groups, allow individuals of diverse backgrounds to gain a taster of the full design process (Research, Sense-making, Challenge Definition, Ideation, concept Development, Prototyping, Testing & Iterating, Storytelling).

In every phase we push people out of their comfort zones. At all times participants are collaborating with people who are unlike themselves. Throughout the experience everyone learns from each other, and gains the confidence to try new things, to fail, learn and to try again.

The goal is not to turn anyone into a designer in just a few short days, but to give everyone an adequate experience of a new way of working: Service Design so that they can immediately put aspects into practice at work and continue to grow their skills and experience.